Naomi 2 Mobo - Cleaning/Protecting

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    • Naomi 2 Mobo - Cleaning/Protecting

      Hello! Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (feel free to point me in the right direction or move the thread to the right place).

      I'm expecting a Naomi 2 motherboard in the next couple of weeks as a replacement for a unit that developed the flashing checkerboard issue (GPU fault?) and is now totally dead.

      As a result of the above failure, i was wondering if there are any steps that i can take with this replacement unit, like getting more efficient fans/cooling/thermal paste etc in there?

      I'm not comfy with replacing anything that would require soldering unfortunately.

    • The gpu coolers don’t use thermal paste they use a special thermal sticker. These naomi2 are prone to failure. They are a ticking bomb. Just clean it good and make sure the fans are spinning good. If they are verry noisy replace them with a type that is know if you google it . As the bearings are fucked :) also make sure the fan on the back of the case is running as some don’t work good and the BGA GPU will overheat