Sega Card Reader/All-Net/to USB?

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    • Sega Card Reader/All-Net/to USB?

      Oké well I need some help getting this done...

      I hate sometimes playing a game and my progress gets lost when I switch off the machine or sometimes some games won’t even boot if the card reader is not connected. All the card reader does is the same as a memory card Etc

      I know for a brand new card you have to set it up on the network. If it’s already used then you can work with it offline for about 500 saves.

      I like to know if there is a way to make or :

      A: a universal card that’s is compatible on all readers that we can patch offline

      B make a loom that interlinked in the loom in the reader that saves on usb

      In this way we also can upload en download game progress,costumes etc etc to everybody :)

      maybe a dream but need to hear some feedback on this :D
    • Wasn't winteriscoming working on card reader emulation scripts for older titles? His expertise might be relevant here. Maybe he can collaborate with darksoft and make some kind of card reader emulator hardware?

      It would be really cool to just insert a usb memory stick into a custom pcb board and have our progress saved to it, especially if its some kind of all in one solution that supports a variety of stuff similar to the universal io darksoft has been working on.