Adjusting Coin Mechanism for Tokens(AD-81P)

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    • Adjusting Coin Mechanism for Tokens(AD-81P)

      Hello. I have ran into an issue with setting up my coin mechanisms and was hoping I could pick some of your brains for troubleshooting ideas.

      I have two Vewlix Black Diamonds that I am trying to get the coin mechanisms working with a pair of Arthrimius Vewlix Console I/0's and so far no luck. I do not have any other I/O's or anything else to use to troubleshoot with. My suspicion is that there is no power going to the coin mechanisms but I am unable to find any wires or anything disconnected. That being said I am a newb and could very easily be missing what wires are not hooked up correctly. All the wires I see labeled C(I believe these are for the coin mechanism) are connected correctly as far as I can tell. The Taito tokens I have are being rejected which is another reason I think the coin mechanisms are not getting power. I found the tiny wire lever on the back side of the coin mechanisms that triggers the switch for the coin mechanism but still nothing seems to register when I get the switch to activate. So far my Google Fu is failing me and I have tried all four of the different coin mechanism button-mapping options on the Console I/O.

      1. Any ideas? Is there a beep or something to listen out for when the cabinets power on to let you know the coin mechanisms are receiving power like I read some cabinets do?
      2. Is there a way to adjust the coin mechanism to accept Taito tokens once I have power if the coins still are not accepted once I have power to the coin mechanisms(assuming it is a power issue). Could they be configured for Yen and I have to make an adjustment?
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      So I have an update. It turns out that just both of the Coin Mechanism were not actually hooked up. I was able to follow the wires and connect them and now my coin mechanisms work when I push down the switch arm of the switch for coins with my hand.

      However, when I insert Taito tokens they get rejected to the coin return. I have power now to the coin mechanism so I think the issue is the coin mechanism is just currently configured for Yen. I found a flat head bolt that is maybe used to adjust the coin mechanism but wanted to confirm if anyone knows how to adjust these for other coins before I started messing with it as it does not seem to want to turn easily.
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      Finally found this. Not certain how I kept missing it.

      Still playing with it and making adjustments. Found there was a magnet in the coin mechanism used to prevent token usage if it is meant for monetary coins that I had to take out. Seems like the issue I am running into is what this guide points to in step 5 in dealing with the "pins". The pins are much too large for the Taito tokens I am trying to use and they are not grabbing the coin. It says to just bend them, but the gap is pretty huge so hoping for some input before I just start bending them.
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      I've been really happy with mine (own three for my three machines).
      Clearly no good for a real operating/commercial environment but for home use they rock.
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