Chabudai / TTX2 Security Dongle Help

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    • Chabudai / TTX2 Security Dongle Help


      Hello there, first time poster!

      I work for a local arcade, and have a Cho Chabudai Gaeshi cabinet that has been inoperable for several months. I am trying desperately to get the thing back up and running before my company calls for a disposal and breaks my heart.

      The issue is an error 900 after the TTX2 boots fully into the Taito loader, which I believe is a simple security dongle issue. I have the original security dongle but am somewhat stuck on what I could do to try to save this game by any means necessary.

      I have considered trying to load a version of the open TTX2 software that I've seen on this site, but I haven't been able to come across the actual disk image for the game to load into the open source TTX2 project. I also don't know if it features a very obviously cracked frontloader, which would be a big no-no in a retail setting.

      Any ideas on how to possibly get this dongle re-flashed or something to that effect? It displays as a "smart card" on my Win10 PC at home, and I am unable to view any files on it. This may just be due to the encryption that Taito puts on it to prevent duplication. Could there be a way to spoof the security key with a new flashdrive?

      Thanks for any help at all.
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      It definitely does blink blue, but the TTX2 seems to think there's nothing there. I get error 900 with or without the dongle plugged in during the bootup sequence. When you refer to the lid and looking at the pins, do you mean on the dongle or to the usb interface from the mobo?
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      My understanding is Error 900 means the board thinks that there is no dongle detected. Since you tried another mobo, and still got a 900 error, and you got 900 without the dongle, I'm inclined to conclude the dongle is bad. :(

      As far as dumps, uh... I think there is one, but no idea where you'd get it from. It's possible someone here might be able to help (and I suspect they will PM you, if so). Unfortunately it is not possible to dump your existing dongle if it's damaged, nor get your HDD to boot without the original dongle (unless you can decrypt the game partition, which generally requires a working dongle). I don't know if Taito will repair broken dongles, but you could try emailing Taito Tech to ask. Also possible that @AndyGeezer in the UK might be able to do something for you.

      Keep us updated, and good luck!
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      splitzkrieg wrote:

      I thought about this, cracking open the dongle and seeing if it's a physical issue but the fact that my pc detects it and the led indicator does blink on it lead me to believe it's physically sound. Not much to lose though at this point.
      You can ask to Romhack/Zxmarcos from Neofighters forum as well. He extracted Chase HQ 2, Samurai Spirits Sen, Battle Gear 4 image files without dongle content.
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      nem wrote:

      Most likely the key is corrupt. It happens.

      Anyway, you just need a decrypted game image and then you can leave the key unplugged. AndyGeezer can certainly do it if you pay him. There's someone else on here who will do it for, *cough*, beer.
      AndyGeezer is on this forum I'm assuming?

      I'd rather pay in beer haha. This isn't for a personal cab, I'm honestly doing this for the arcade community since it's still actively in an arcade.

      But yeah would love some guidance on decrypting the game image or what my next step should be. I have the HDD with me and it has no issues afaik.