Pinned CPSIII SuperBIOS Conversion Services

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    • CPSIII SuperBIOS Conversion Services

      I am the go-to source for all of your CPSIII SuperBIOS conversion services! I order to use the SuperBIOS you require a cart converted to use the SuperBIOS and a complete CPSIII setup that includes a full set of SIMMs. That's four 128mb SIMMs and two 64mb SIMMs. If you own a Third Strike setup you are good to go and just need the modded security cart.

      The SuperBIOS allows you to use a single CD and cart to load and play ANY of the six CPSIII games that were released on the hardware. Every cart or conversion comes with a CD-R to load the games. The CD also has both Revisions A and B or Third Strike available to load. You also have a choice of whether you want a custom label installed on your cart or not.

      In order to have your cart converted you will need to send it to me and I will then convert it and send it back.

      There are two conversion options available:

      Bios-only conversion:-----$55

      With this option I will only swap the bios chip of the cart. We will leave the custom SH-2 in place. You will still be able to load any game and play. This version uses encryption tables for the games. There is always a slight chance that there could be a decryption error that could cause a lockup or freeze. There have been no reports in a long time, though

      Bios and SH-2 swap:-----$150

      The best option. This conversion replaces that custom SH-2 with a standard SH-2. This allows us to play all games without the need for encryption tables. This ensures the best available game play and is the best option for the hard-core collector or competitor!

      Here are some videos of both versions:

      Standard SH-2 version

      Custom SH-2/Bios-only version