Toaplan 'HK-1000' reproduction final revision

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    • Toaplan 'HK-1000' reproduction final revision

      As many of you may know I made some time ago a reprodution of the 'HK-1000', a custom IC used on some PCBs manufactured by Toaplan :

      Toaplan ‘HK-1000’ reproduction

      The replacement was welcomed by arcade enthusiasts and collectors who used it to repair faulty boards but actually it was not a 1:1 replica of the original chip because the handling function of the coin counters/lockouts was missing since because I intentionally omitted it, not considering it of primary importance.

      For the uninitiated a coin counter is mechanical style counter that increments every time a coin is inserted, here's picture of a +12VDC powered one:

      Lockouts are, instead, a mechanism to prevent users from wasting an inserted coin when the cab is off or not properly operational.

      Lately I've been ask more than once to implement in my 'HK-1000' reproduction the circuit needed to add these missing functions.And here we are!This will be the final revision of the replacement, all functions of the original chip have been implemented in it.Outwardly it has not changed from the previous ones :

      But from now on it will be finally possible to properly use a coin meter in your arcade machine when you play those particular Toaplan boards using with my reproduction :

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