Naomi powering on, but no picture EDIT: fixed

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    • Naomi powering on, but no picture EDIT: fixed

      Just bought a Sega Naomi setup with a Capcom IO for my Supergun. Plugged in all of the needed components and plugged the harness into the IO. The Naomi turns on and sounds like a jet engine, which means it's getting power, but no signal comes in. In some cases, it attempts to make a signal, but the TV acts as if there is nothing. I've flicked between the dip switch settings for 15K and 31K and used my VGA monitor but no results. I have a multi-region bios, but currently no cartridge (Akatsuki Blitzkampf, but it's on loan). Am I doing something wrong or is it messed up?
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    • In the pictures I can't see where you have connected a VGA cable directly to the Naomi.
      Make sure the Naomi is directly connected to the VGA monitor and set the dip to 31khz.

      Why do I see no VGA cable whatsoever in this shot?

      How did you expect this to produce an image, no cable is connecting Naomi's video to the Capcom IO.
      Again I see no VGA cable period, not connecting the Naomi directly to a VGA monitor and not connecting the Naomi to the Capcom IO.
      So yea... No video bro, think you are doing it wrong.

      You are aware Naomi ONLY sends a video signal out of that one VGA port on system right?
      No matter what position you have the dip set, video only flows from that port.
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