N00B question

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    • N00B question

      I am new to the JAMMA/SuperGun scene, and have a question about their use together.

      My DarkSoft CPS2 Multi arrived today today, and I am awaiting arrival of my CPS2 A + B Boards. I built a Parsec supergun and will be using it with a SuzoHapp arcade power supply instead of an ATX.

      I have a variety of scalers, transcoders, etc. to hook this up to one of my LCDs to test it out (I don't have an RGB CRT monitor that is currently working). What I use for most of my
      classic consoles and computers that output 15KHz video is an OSSC, or, sometimes I will connect them to my Dell U2410 directly since it supports 15KHz directly (well, at least for C= Amiga stuff).
      The plan is to use the Parsec's RGB out port (either the VGA connector that outputs RGB signals or the YPbPr outputs, both on the hat addon board, as I don't have an 8 pin DIN --> SCART cable) and route that to my OSSC. My understanding is that since the Parsec attenuates the video and audio signals, this is safe to do, and that my OSSC (or Dell U2410) will not be damaged.

      Is this the correct way to do it?

      Many thanks!
    • Yes that’s a fine way to do it. Most people output from a supergun to a scaler.

      If you want a dedicated option, there’s also a digital hdmi option specifically for the cps2 by marqs as well. It’s a LOT more work but it’s pretty cool if you want to keep the supergun and scaler elsewhere


      And a nice add on for power and controls CPS2 I/O Interface
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