new darksoft kit install - solved

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    • new darksoft kit install - solved

      *** Installing key-writing wires allowed me to use the cps2 roll-up packs. ***

      Just bought the kit from highscoresaves along with G-Pal & SD card
      Installed on my suicided v6 cps2, no additional wiring. Had to change 3 jumpers (Game was Marvel Super Heros)
      Kit PCBs installed on OK. Believe I have everything in the right spot. Pulled off and did again to be sure.
      Formatted SD card as FAT32. Downloaded, unzipped and copied over the "Darksoft CPS2 2020-05-24.7z" from CPS2 Roll-UP Packs thread.

      No matter what game I go into and load, screen stays light blue. LCD messages appear fine just like in youtube instructions "Now Playing!" messages

      Are the ROMs included in that roll up pack? This is where I think I may be doing something wrong with the ROMs... I also downloaded some ROMs and copied into the same game directory and still nothing changed. My guess is I have a ROM problem...but not sure.

      (Note...lots on the forums about firmware changes and extra wiring for keywriting...I did none of that. Do I have to do any of that? None of that was in the youtube install video so thought it optional...)

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