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      I hope anyone can help me with my problem (I come from german and my english is not the best)
      Last Week i buy an Sega naomi 2 Cab with virtua soccer 3.
      Now when i start the game and use my Soccer Team its still freezed not black screen still freezed.
      What can i do?
      Its possible to make a reset ??
      Yes ?? how it works ??
      Please help i love the game
      Thx Niklas
    • please don't cross-post the same question in multiple forums! I deleted the other (obsolete) one because your question should be posted here.

      NAOMI 2 has a known issue where the large chip under the big heatsink
      comes loose because it overheats due to poor design and a shitty fan.
      If it does come loose there's not much you can do to fix it.
      You can try to test if that is the problem. Pull out the motherboard and
      sit it flat on the floor on a thick book so the connector underneath
      overhangs. The idea is the book supports the board so it doesn't bend.
      Push hard on the large heatsink and hold there (without
      moving and without releasing!) then power on. Maybe your game will try
      to boot or you may see something different. That means the chip is loose
      and motherboard is bad.
      Buy another NAOMI 2 (and replace the fan immediately so it lasts a while) or buy a more reliable NAOMI 1 and play NAOMI 1 games.
      Virtua Striker 2 Ver.2000 runs on NAOMI 1 and you could theoretically download it off the net and upload it using a net DIMM
      There are no other soccer games on NAOMI 1.
      If you just want to play soccer on NAOMI buy a NAOMI 1 and the VS2000 cart.
      I have a VS2000 cart for sale.... contact me if interested.