D&D ToD/SoM 4-player candy cabs?

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    • I am reciting all of this from memory, so my apologies if I miss a detail.

      I have it set up for my blasts. you need 4 buttons per player so I couldn't easily do it with my aeros. even if I used two 2L12B panels... because it requires 4 buttons over JAMMA for the first 2 players. So what I did was I am using the official blast vs link to split the video and audio to the 2 cabs. I'm plugging in player one and two on the master side with 4 button looms. I then built a custom cps2 harness that is extra long to go to my slave cab. I pass this up into the control panel and wire up the buttons/sticks there not using the blasts' internal system.

      I have something similar I built for wrestlefest 4p.
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      Shinsengumi wrote:

      I love my D&D CPS2 games in my Blast Cities (set to 2P sadly), but have always been curious how folks have been playing 4P with a candy cab? Are folks just linking cabs to play 4P or something else?
      I have the same trick with you when I am playing Irem - Hook PCB. Therefore, I have DIY the 2 cables for player 3 and player 4.

      Details for CPS2 P3 and P4 cables:
      1. Prepare a DF1B-34DS-2.5RC connector.
      2. 22 AWG-22 wires for P3 and P4.
      3. Prepare 2 DB-15 pins connectors for connecting NeoGeo controller. 8)

      Finally, plug and play P3 and P4 with NeoGeo controller.

      Attached the pics of the connectors. Enjoy it. You can PM me for more DIY details.
      8) 8) .

      However, the weakness of my method is P3 and P4 should use the DB15 pins controller to player the game.
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      @xb74 this info might help you to build your own cable.

      @cpsystem3 have you got pics of the link kit?
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