Got my first JAMMA today...

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    • Got my first JAMMA today...

      I received my first CPS2 system (and first JAMMA system today)... a seemingly never opened A+B USA set of Marvel vs Capcom. I'm pretty stoked. The warranty seals (if they're not faked) were intact, and the only issue was the A board's fan is dead. No big deal to find a replacement. I'll grab a Noctua and put it in there.

      So, I popped the warranty seals and opened them both up...and they're darned near pristine other than a thick layer of dust. The Toshiba battery in the B board hadn't leaked (thankfully!) and will be removed soon before it can do any damage. I got out the compressor and cleaned off all the dust and wiped everything down with some 99.9% isopropyl alcohol (except for the labels on all the ROMs). I'll eventually recap the boards, and give them a ride in the ultrasonic to clean them afterwards.

      Afterwards, I hooked it up to my Parsec supergun and a picoPSU, and plugged it in via composite into a CRT. It looked great, other than needing the RGB pots on the supergun adjusted a little. Once my mini-din to SCART cable arrives, I'll hook it up via RGB instead.

      The Darksoft kit arrived a few days ago, so, you know where this is to grab a ROMset and get to work. :)
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      Awesome! I still need to get a CPS2 system at some point, at this point its criminal almost I haven't bought one.
      The Darksoft multi is gonna be a ton of fun for you, lots of great games on the CPS2 system!

      Make sure you replace that battery sometime soon though. :)
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