Seibu SPI - Raiden Fighters display issue.

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    • Seibu SPI - Raiden Fighters display issue.


      I recently took a punt on eBay on a “none working” Raiden Fighters setup where the fault was described as “boots to a white screen”.

      The actual game board is fine as it has been tested on a known working motherboard.

      I received it this week and the motherboard looks immaculate except for in one place, there looks to be a small amount of corrosion on the large chip beneath where the rom board sits.

      In terms of the behaviour of the setup, it may look like it only boots to a white screen but the game is very definitely running as you can hear it and it does display some graphics, albeit quite distortedly. (I’ll take some pics/a vid and attach later today). During the intro/attract you can see some cloud elements. If you coin up you can see the flames from the “press start” screen, and you can see elements of the player select screen. I can’t see any in game gfx though.

      I guess my question is, would the damage in the photo be the cause of this type of fault and would it be fixable?

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