Request: Help with Darksoft CPS2 Multi-kit blue screen. [FIXED]

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    • Request: Help with Darksoft CPS2 Multi-kit blue screen. [FIXED]


      I know this is a subject that has been covered often, and I have reviewed the various threads on the subject and have tried everything suggested. Shorting exc5, checking all connections, reformatting SD card, etc. I am using the ROM pack "Darksoft CPS2 2020-05-24" with a kit purchased this month, so presumably has the most recent firmware. I am using the Arthrimus "CPS2 Multi Kit Key Writing Quick Solder Board" and a Sandisk 8GB micro SD. Voltage is as close to 5v as I can get. Kind of stumped as to what else to try. The flashing process runs as I would expect it to, with everything showing correctly on the LCD (LCD screen in image is washed out, but it is displaying correctly).

      Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated. Donner board was a green Street Fighter Zero 2 revision 7 board and I included a PAL-G when I ordered from HighscoreSaves.

      (please excuse the mess)
      No mater what I flash, I get the blue screen...


      Everything seated.

      All LEDs and screen running as expected.

      Arthrimus kit. It is possible, that one of the two solder through holes on Setup 1 & 2 isn't making contact, but as I said it looks right when flashing and restarts as expected.
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      Try a game that doesn’t use a key, like MvsC character unlock.

      If you think the quick solder board isn’t connected somewhere, test that with a multimeter! You could use the original solder points to make sure. Test these points (but not swd5) with the cables plugged into the b board so you can make sure they’re getting continuity the whole way

      Also, formatting with a Mac by chance?
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      ekorz wrote:

      Try a game that doesn’t use a key, like MvsC character unlock.
      So looks like the old unencrypted ROM pack works... so my guess is that the Setup 1 or Setup 2 connection isn't working right so the key programming is failing. Bah!

      Edit: Quick re-solder job, and it's working. Thanks @ekorz for talking me through it.

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