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    • Our house is seriously looking into doing a hipster coffee shop with arcade games in San Diego. There’s now a barcade chain with two locations that is doing well in town, but at school I’ve heard a lot of the under 21 crowd say they want to go, but they can’t. The retro gaming thing is catching on with the kids whose first systems were GameCube and PS2 lol. My old boss in the Navy is interested in funding the shop IF his old buddy comes through with finding a location close to the San Diego State University campus.

      May start importing as well. My roommate Yusuke used to work for an import company that supplied all the Japanese grocery stores in town so he knows a thing or two about filling containers.

      This is all a big IF still, as I still am a 31 year old full-time university student and I only have so much energy lol. If it all happens, we’re looking at 2020. Plan B is for us to open a bar in Yokosuka. Spent ten years in the Navy, so I know how to advertise to squids lol. Capital isn’t a problem there either as Yusuke’s dad is a big shot in the city. Maybe if I live there I can help out fill containers for someone awesome like Mitsu : )
    • thejew wrote:

      [UD EDIT: made readable] Arcades seem like they can never return your investment. By the time the $10k machine pays itself off, it's lost interest and outdated. One machine I definitely would have around drunk people though is punching strength games. GOLD mine.
      Perhaps the key is not buying $10k machines. Now days, you have to be a Dave n Busters to afford stuff like that and still turn a profit.
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