Knights of Valour 2 : Nine Dragons IGS PGM Graphics Glitches

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    • Knights of Valour 2 : Nine Dragons IGS PGM Graphics Glitches

      Hi! :)

      I have a Graphics Glitches problem X/

      I have another Knights of Valor 2 to swap the 2 PCb to isolate the problem.the 2 pcb have a default .

      I remake all the chip welds and made a Capkit but nothing to change. X(

      on the PCB where there are the Roms I ordered new 74F139-PC on ebay to see if the fault on the Rom PCB would come from here.

      Regarding the 2nd PCB I would think of the LP61256GS-12 EliteMT chipsWhat do you think ?( :?:

      Thank you ;)

    • Don't know if you've done it already, but:

      1. Check the 5V line at the JAMMA edge while you're running the system and make sure it's adjusted to 5V.
      2. Clean the slot with Isopropyl/contact cleaner.
      3. Clean the cart edge with Isopropyl/contact cleaner.
      4. See if you can change the glitch behavior by GENTLY pulling up or pushing down on the end of the cartridge case. I find sometimes the carts don't make good contact in the slot.

      You said you've tested with another KOV2: 9 Dragons and they both exhibit the same fault? Might need to check the soldering for the cart slot and the motherboard/cart riser interconnects.