can't get stereo sound from RCA sockets--SOLVED (post 8)

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    • Ah yup KI, more Midway American trash. ;)
      You'll notice the disclaimer AO listed (that I wouldn't repeat) "Most if not all Midway pcb released in the 90's"
      Darksoft: CPS3, CPS2, F3, MVS
      RGB: RECO v2, HAS v3
      invzim: Jammafier v1.6b
      XianXi: JNX Raiden, SC Taito Classic, SC Sega System 16/24
      Frank_fjs: JAMMA Extender (Special Edition)
    • The list on AO is missing a ton of games, however, it is mostly Midway and older Taito boards. Similar hardware likely uses the same amp, so if you look up for instance Fighting Hawk on Mame (Taito L hardware), you'll know that

      American Horseshoes
      Cachat / Tube-It
      Champion Wrestler
      Cuby Bop
      Evil Stone
      Kuri Kinton
      LA Girl
      Play Girls
      Play Girls 2

      probably all need -5V.