Sound problem with CPS2

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    • Sound problem with CPS2


      A friend had a problem with his CPS 2 :
      - A board japan + Convert Jap Progear (same problem with a convert of Mars Matrix)

      ---> After few hours of run (attract mode) the sound is near to zero. After checking the test menu, the sound is still to 39. When another pcb is plugged (mvs as example) the sound is ok. When it's plugged again with CPS2-> same problem :(.
      After a night without run, the sound is back for good until ... few hours ... and ... same problem.

      Do you know the cause of this problem? Maybe a capacitor on the A-board heats?

      Thanks a lot guys!
    • First thing to try is booting with the VOL DOWN button held down, this often fixes volume issues.

      I also found this recently while trying to fix my own volume issue (board outputs no sound, stuck at vol 39 [max]):

      but it isn't quite the same issue as mine. Might be a little bit more like yours, but I don't know which revisions of the boards it pertains to, nor what yours is :)
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