TTX2 troubleshooting

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    • TTX2 troubleshooting

      Hi there,

      I recently got a Nesica X Live TTX2 and it's got some issues with booting up.

      I've gotten a BSOD 0x07E error on boot (from the original drive, and an SSD with Niko's multi image on it), and some Googling shows that this might be a memory related problem. I have 2x2GB DDR2 800 RAM on the way, so hopefully that takes care of that. Other things I've noticed is that the GPU fan doesn't spin up on boot, although I'm not sure this is a real problem, or if the fan stays inactive until the card heats up. The card itself was also missing the screw that keeps it secured onto the metal PCI bracket, which was a bit odd... Hopefully there wasn't any damage that resulted from that. Luckily replacement cards seem to be cheap and plentiful as well.

      If there's any other tips or things to look out from from owners that I should also be aware of I would appreciate it!
    • New

      To follow up on this, the likely culprit was the GPU. I actually should've noticed it earlier, but the display showed a subtle amount of artifacting during the splash screen (dots on the white background on the TTX2 logo) before booting into WinXP embedded OS. I bought a replacement GPU from eBay and the system booted right up into Niko's multi image.

      The problem I have now is that it refuses to load games. I can move through the menu, but once I try and load a game, it will show the command prompt for a bit before throwing me back into the menu. Hopefully I can figure this bit out on my own after some experimenting and forum searching.

      Another thing I noticed was that the TTX2 seems to be picky with the JAMMA IO I use. SEGA IO doesn't work while Capcom IO does just fine. I do have the FAST IO PCI addon card, so I will probably look for the accompanying PCB for that eventually.