ZN1 Bios board arrives!

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    • ZN1 Bios board arrives!

      Good times, The v1 of the bios board arrived today. This post will document how it goes...

      This is still W.I.P. Project, LOTS TO DO and LOTS UNKNOWN armed with this PCB that should slowly dwindle.

      Thanks to @Mr T Guru @CoolFox @smf @caius for your ideas and work on this concept.

      You all seen the psychic force insane video, this is a streamline version of that hack.

      Sadly there is still a couple of board errors from my "rushing the job" mistakes but this much better for testing than the floating board.
      Next version will incorporate the system ram on the bios card so you can have a save slot for each game (same as the NA1)

      So basically, for the moment the bios is not actually cracked, only the games. The bios still needs to be modified (in most cases the game roms are left untouched).
      So the correct motherboard KEY for game manufacturer must be installed. (rom board key don't matter, but motherboard key needs to be correct)

      Still need to understand the ZN2 bios i got it upto the 80xxxxxxx point but not in game. This and tecmo are BRUTAL.
      It needs the correct data slapping in the mask rom and the 'descramble' code needs to be nuked.
      This is why AMB's G NET hacks have a 'loader'. As the GNET has a fixed top board key that's always the same = less trouble.

      Also i need to understand how smf got his hacked primal rage to boot with NO cat chip on top board. Truly the real master of this hardware.
      As he will know i am doing this the very old way and i'm still many years behind the "pre- cat dump era / old tech" with still not having ZN2 running yet.
      I have too much respect to ask the master help but maybe he will laugh enough at this project and some beans spill ;)

      There is better ways of hacking this system, but this is the way i have gone, my skills are not good enough to fully defeat this security without a big fight and this is the logical entry.
      These are CRACKS not re scrambled versions


      TAITO TTO1 / ZN1
      (top board style 1, fully cracked bios)
      Psychic Force
      Football Champ

      CAPCOM: CP01 / ZN1
      St. Fighter EX
      St. Fighter EX +
      Gallop Racer 1
      Star Gladiator 1
      Battle Arena 2

      Done/ NOT TESTED:

      TAITO TT01 / ZN1
      (top board style 2)
      Ray Storm
      G Darius
      Fighters Impact

      Bloody Roar 1
      Bloody Roar 2
      Brave Blade

      Aero Fighters (KN BIOS)

      ALL TECMO zn1
      ALL CAPCOM zn2
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      Fuck #KLOV

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    • Hammy brother , you know what to do further ! Hope more friends to be involved in other projects you've almost done too (at least ZN2 will be a very big hit)
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    • New

      Taito TT01 bios fully cracked:

      This fix should port to capcom ZN1 and the other various other early ones (video system, raizing etc)

      This breakthrough MAY (or may not) help with the tecmo / ZN2 games.

      It's Cool for Motherboard CAT's video soon :D

      Hopefully someone will come forward with an aero fighters special rom board.
      Fuck #KLOV