Is there an Initial D5 English Version (Export?)

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    • Is there an Initial D5 English Version (Export?)

      Just a curious questions as I have seen Export versions and even played the Export version of Initial D4. But is there an actual english Initial D5 version out there.

      My old multi kit I believe its like version 7.5, very old, and that 9.6 one with the controller support both contain Initial D4 (Export) in full english but it would appear that both kits have Initial D5 but its japanese only.

      So question is, Is there a Version of Initial D5 in english? Please post only if you have actually seen it in action, not just saw it on the many Lindbergh software lists. :?:
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      Unfortunately not. Initial D 4 Export is in English but Initial D 5 Export has Japanese text only. The only difference between Initial D 5 Export and Initial D 5 Japanese versions is that the Export version doesn't require a server for linking multiple units. Initial D 6, 7 and 8 only exist in Japanese too. AFAIK, Initial D Zero plays in English if you set the region of the motherboard to Export.