Mortak Kombat 1 - UE13 fail and then victory

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    • Mortak Kombat 1 - UE13 fail and then victory

      I have a MK1 board that started erroring out on POST with UE13 failing. To my horror, it is one of the main chips smack center of the board, not exactly a lightweight.

      I decided to try reflow the pins even though I am still not confident with this fine pitch stuff.
      I am not sure if I just worsened the existing fault but saw that one of the damn tiny fine pitch pads was lifted after my attempted reflow and I felt like Boogie Nights

      I read the schematics and found where the pin was supposed to go and as you can see from my amateur attempt to use a bodge wire I carefully with a magnifying glass and tweezers managed to pull it off!

      The bodge wire and reflowing the chip fixed the issue. I cold started it a dozen times and no error anymore and did bunch of soft reboots too and it seems to pass POST every time now!
      • mk1u13fix.jpg

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    • Nice job!

      I had a Rampage World Tour fail on me, same deal (one of the large I think U33 or something chips).
      These Midway PCBs are "creeky & cracky" and cold joint all the freaking time! :cursing:
      I highly recommend the Highflow.NL cases both for consolidation and protection. :thumbup:

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