Namco System 256 worked once and then mysteriously stopped working (no startup beeps), Help if possible

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    • Namco System 256 worked once and then mysteriously stopped working (no startup beeps), Help if possible

      Long story short, I bought a "not working" Namco System 256 on ebay. It was listed as not working. I had noticed that the dongle was in slot 2 (in auction pictures) and if you know anything about Namco System 2X6, the dongle must be in slot 1 to work. So I figured either that was the problem or, like they often do, the dvd drive was shot which of course was an easy fix as well.

      So I get the thing in the mail, its nice and clean. Plug it in, put the dongle in the right slow and get those nice 256 starting beeps. I wait a little while and eventually my pc monitor syncs with the black screen, but unfortunately the guy never says "Good Morning" which leads me to believe the DVD drive was having problems so I figure I need to take that apart and clean the lens with a q tip and alcohol or swap it out for a different one.

      So, just like with my original 256 unit, I take it apart as far as is needed to get the dvd drive out. Strip the drive apart and clean the lens. Now since this was a few days ago (got kinda annoyed after spending a couple hours and put it on the shelf) I can not recall if the system booted after this or if its current condition happened right after cleaning the drive, but, Basically now what happens is when the system is turned on it does not beep and the dvd drive just seeks one time fast then turns off. Also the light by the dongle does not blink like it should or like my other unit does.

      I honestly have no idea what happened with this unit, seams kinda random that it would boot once and then die, unless the one booting was a fluke and this board was bad. If anyone has any idea what could be the problem, please let me know, otherwise this goes into the pile of parts.
    • I should swap the DVD drive with a known working unit.
      I tried changing the DVD drive in my System 256 once as the original one was quite noisy, I installed a known working DVD drive from a Desktop PC I had, but no joy, no boot, nothing.

      Switched back to the original drive and everything works again :)