Sports Shooting converted to work on Naomi. I need your help testing this!

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    • I went a go at Sports Shooting and Clay Challenge on my shooting setup

      Naomi2 (multibios)
      Sega JVS I/O 837-14572
      Sega 2 IR guns.

      I also have the old HOD gun sense board 838-13143 if you want me test using that.

      Sports Shooting loads properly but crashes after like 10 minutes of gameplay. Gun calibration for Player1 is wonky. After calibrating Player1 gun, only the left half of the screen can pick up the guns. if i try to point Player1 gun to the right half of the screen, the crosshairs will immediate go in the reverse direction. Gun calibration for Player2 doesn't work. Its crosshairs sometimes is either too sluggish or bouncing all over the screen.

      Clay Challenge i couldn't get it to boot. It kept throwing up a "Coin Error" and then goes to a black screen. I also tried booting the game without 100ohm resisters on the coin meters, and no change. I'll test it again without the multibios. I just can't remember where i stored my original Naomi bios.