Pana Custom supergun - Stripdown

    • Pana Custom supergun - Stripdown

      I bought a broken PANA Custom supergun from YAJ as it wasn't getting any bids so the price was nice and low. So for the grand sum of 9,800 YEN (inc postage & fees) it was mine. It sat in SMJ storage for a month while I picked up some other bulky goodies and then I sea freighted the lot back to the UK.

      62 days later it was sat in my garage ready for a rebuild.

      Initial checks weren't good, one auto-fire switch was missing,two fire buttons jammed when you pressed them and there was no +5V when you powered it up. Worst of all the front edge had black duck-tape covering a whole load of rusty mess.

      Pop it open and all the internal wires are soldered onto the pins for the switches - So I'll be getting the soldering iron out to fix that little lot, good job I've got a working one I can use as a map when I reconnect everything.

      A quick clean inside and all's good, no rust, nothing is missing. I've already swapped the power lead for a UK one with an Earth connection in this picture.

      As I'm in the UK - Flick the two switches from NTSC to PAL for video output (encoder does s-video & composite video output, there's also an RGB output on an 8-pin din on the side).

      Another reason I like the PANA's they have 110/220 switchable PSU's inside - so slide the switch across to 220V and you have a UK spec supergun - simples!

      On the end you have the edge connector and all the adjusters & leds - Autofire speed & indicator, RGB+Sync adjustments, Speaker on/off, stereo/mono switch, volume pot. A headphone socket & the RGB output socket.
      When switching it on only the +12V & -5V leds were lit (so no +5V output).

      Another thing I love about the PANA - all power lines are fused and the one for +5V was blown, swapped it for a fresh fuse and everything is working again!

      So that's the electrics & insides sorted - what about the outside?
    • First I stripped off the tape & sanded down the rust and grime, masked off the upper half of the panel and tried respraying just the leading edge - it looked shite so to plan-B

      I removed all the buttons,switches & sticks and stripped it back to bare metal using Nitromours. Put rust treatment along the front edge and gave it two coats of primer, followed by a couple of coats of matt black paint.

      I still wasn't quite happy with the finish so I thought of "muddy" on J+ and UKVAC and picked up a repro' Electrocoin CPO.

      After a bit of a fiddle and 30 minutes with a craft knife to cut all the holes and trim off the excess

      Player 1 - Sanwa OBSF30's in pink - Sticks are LS-32's.

      Player 2 - Sanwa OBSN30's in Green - Sticks are LS-32's.

      Another 30 minutes of careful trimming with a craft knife for ventilation slots along the back.

      And new rocker switches for the auto-fires & square push-to-make buttons for P1-start, Credit, P2-Start.

      And I think we're getting there.
    • An hour or so of soldering to reconnect all the buttons - good job I have another one I could reference for all the connections.



      Reconnect to the PCB on the end so buttons are connected to the edge connector.

      Put it all back together and plug it into my trusty 1084S via RGB

      Stick a JNX Atlas on the end of the JAMMA loom and plug into a Pandora-3 for a bit of testing, tweak teh +5V a little...

      And we're good to go.

      Next project - Dead PANA custom to VGA Supergun.

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    • I think it would look better with red buttons & balltops - but I only had 8 of those spare, I do have enough of the black/grey Sanwa's but they didn't look right on the red/black/blue background. If I swap them it'll either be for plain red or red with a black surround.