AttractMode Front End - Pras Meets NxL Last Update 12-14-2017

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    • AttractMode Front End - Pras Meets NxL Last Update 12-14-2017

      Mod edit: Note that this there is a "drag and drop" version of this, ready configured for Niko's TX2 Multi: see this post in the "A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame" thread.
      ===================Please Take the Time to ReadBelow!!========================

      Hey Everyone sorry To nuke this thread 1st Post! But I am going to be Redoing a Fewthings To make it easier for myself in the future
      NXL Will now be split into Downloads To help my Awful upload speed So, by updating a small thing I wont have to reupload the entire thing. How I will be doing this is via Artwork packs
      NXL will come in 2 main Verions.
      NXL Theme update Only. This is ment for those who are using their own customartwork, or those or are just updating a preexisting install This is ment to be drag and dropped into the layout folder No fuss no muss
      Nxl BaseInstall This is going to include everything presetup Minus Romlist and Artwork This will have rocketlauncher and the AM ingreation pack This is ment for beginners who dont know where to start
      This will include all 3 versions of the theme and the screen saver Iv made.
      What about the Artwork packs?

      Well You download the baseinstall, and pick a artwork pack the current list of artwork packs avilable are
      Cave ::
      Taito Type X::
      Pc Games::
      Inside Each ArtworkPack You will find a Emulator.cfg File, And a Romlist
      Extract the Contents of The pack To your artwork Folder.
      Then Take the Romlist open it up in Notepad++ And copy the Romlist, Then naivgate to your romlist of choice, and paste it in YOU can even use this time to remove games you dont intend on ever playing!
      Once that is dont Save your Romlist and Copy the "cave".cfg File form the artwork Pack into your ../Am/Emulators/ Folder. This is what sets the path inside AM for it to scan for your artwork
      Once this is setup with these 3 easy setups You have setup the frontend!, its up to you at this point to configure your prefered method to launch the game
      Addtional information
      To unlock More features insde of of my frontend I have changed the meaning behind some of the default strings inside the romlist so when adding your own games take this into account.
      This is the current default settings inside a AM romlist.
      This is the current Strings inside ours lets check out how it differs
      Yatagarasu;Yatagarasu Attack on cataclysm;Nesica;;2015;Nyu Media;Fighting;1-2;4.3;6;300000;;;Nesica;ヤタガラス Attack on Cataclysm;
      The [Rotation Tag] has Been changed And NXL pulls this as if it ment Game Version
      The [Control] Tag Wants to know the number of buttons used 1-6 For the selected game.
      The [Status] Tag Any number higher then 400000 Will make the network appear online, place a random large number here for online games, leave blank if the game has no online features
      [Alt Romname] This is A system of Orgin tag this diffifers form "emulator" beacuse The emulator may be mame, but you would like the system of orgin to display something else
      [AltTitle] Is being used to display japnease Text.

      Planned Artwork Sets:: Currently
      TouHou Games.

      Download Links Remember to read above Last Update 12-14-2017

      Currently still Uploading


      Change Log
      Added More Manufactures To Db,
      Changed some of the text displayed onscreen
      Other tweaks.

      Special Thanks to Arcadebliss, for helping me alot early on
      • 2016-12-09 15_15_04-Attract-Mode.png

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      • Am Vert Cave Games .jpg

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    • I have been helping this poor fool (not with his spelling ;) ) test this on a TTX. results have been good. it does require a bit to setup with a TTX multi as you can't use some of the make it easy tools.

      Ill try to get a build with nikos multi up and running soon. as like some here i have a few to many projects going anddd...... well you know the rest.

      If people are interested in this please let me know below if you are using the ready made everything built in version from the dark reaches of the internet or just the img file and you supplied your own games.
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      Hardware: TTX2, TTX3, Sega Ringedge and Steel Chronicles
    • This is most excellent! I've been wanting to completely re-do the front end on my Kraylix cab. I'm assuing this can run on a normal PC.

      Are there templates available for making new control maps? or other bits of art?
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    • twistedsymphony wrote:

      This is most excellent! I've been wanting to completely re-do the front end on my Kraylix cab. I'm assuing this can run on a normal PC.

      Are there templates available for making new control maps? or other bits of art?
      Double post, the controls are defined, inside the romlist along with all the information gets pulled dynamically including the publisher-artwork

      the only "artwork" required
      Wheel >---Artwork on the "grid"
      Logo > ------- Top left game logo
      Video >------------

      Optional Artwork
      Snap> -----Video Swaps for Pictures of the title on special button press defined by the user
      Flyer -----> Same as above

      Added new publisher to the database
      /nesicaxlive/am/layouts/nesicaxlive/assets/publisher name the file the same as the publisher is named inside the romlist.txt and it will be dynamically pulled for all games that use it.

      All the psd's for everything inside the gui are located nesicaxlive/am/layouts/nesicaxlive/assets/psd

      and as far as running AM is fully cross-platform and runs on literately everything
    • Awesome!

      If you use the "ttxrun.exe" tool from my multi, and supply the foldername of the game on the "Games" partition as a parameter. It will handle setting up the "D:\" drive and launching the game.
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    • I do not have a TTX2, However it should be no different to setting up a front-end on a pc, just intead of using launch parameters for some of my loaders that use "typex_loader.exe game.exe" they would need to be replaced with "game.exe" to remove the TTX loader

      Coery was working on marking a TTX ready image.
    • atrfate wrote:

      yea but thats a pain :P I just hold my start button lol , also means i can use boarders and other neat stuff on pc games , and the amazing loading screen i made :D
      For me, the main regret, is not be able to use the jvs I/O with other games like steam, mame or dōjins, Niko has patched some games for that, but it's way too much above my knowledge (feel a little bit useless not be able to help doing something), hopefully someone will make a tool to bind jvs to keyboard inputs for any game someday.

      The ttx2 is a very nice machine, able to run other things than those made for, swap the ttx games ssd, put the mame one, without having to unplug all the cables, and change the system... <3

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    • those both work out of the box at-least with my loading methods you just use the ArcadePC loader, and it works, what it takes to run on a real ttx however ass summing its command line the end user just needs to define the correct param

      Gotta remember the support is as simple as adding the wheel, logo, video to the Fe folder and all the templates for these are inside the files posted above so anything above would it isnt like something thats hard coded, you can add or modify things fairly easily if your Familiar with FE's, So if on a real ttx this requires special launching parameters to be fixed, that has to be done by someone with one.
      because after all this is a GUI, not a loader parse so in this case nikos multi would still be the backend