Missing Sound -- SOLVED

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    • Missing Sound -- SOLVED

      Got my multi kit back after the auto-reset firmware upgrade (which works great, btw) and have unfortunately been having some sound issues, was wondering if anyone else had gone through anything similar.

      Problem: Sound is inconsistent. Certain games (Super Gem Fighter US), there's sound both at the QSound startup and in-game. Certain games (Dimahoo US), there's no sound at the QSound startup, but sound in-game. Many games (AvP, both D&D, MM2) have no sound, period.

      Using: Sandisk 8 gig microSD, formatted Fat32 at default allocation size. Rev 7 board with G-Pal from Darksoft. Was originally a Jyangokushi (in a blue case, oddly enough) with a B Pal but jumpers were set for G-Pal. I have not checked them with a multi meter, only by eye (will do that soon), but before the auto reset upgrade some of the same games I was trying (namely the D&D games) were working fine with sound, so I'm reasonably certain the jumpers are fine. Have not had any graphical glitches. Using a supergun built by Xian Xi, can try throwing it in my Neo MVS cabinet with the jammaboards Jamma->MVS adapter I just got if anyone thinks that'll matter.

      Have already tried: Formatting the card (both quick and full) with Win7 default formatting. Sound from both the JAMMA edge and the RCA jacks. Bashing the Volume + on the A board.

      Can't try: A new A-Board. I only have one working one, haven't figure out what's wrong with my backup.
    • Fair enough. I figured you had tested it before sending it back, so knew it had to be on my end. I've got a couple smaller cards, only went with the 8 to be sure I would be able to put everything on there (which is obviously unnecessary)

      Come to think of it, I was using the same card before, but with only the d&d games and a couple others on it initially, so maybe that's it? Too many files? I dunno, I'll try it out when I get off of work. I'm certainly not enough into cps2 that I need every region of every game.
    • Finally had time to tinker. Have now tried non-Avalaunch files that used to work fine for me before Avalaunch released their D&D games, have tried a smaller micro SD card (the 4 gig included with my stv cart), putting fewer files on the SD card... Same issues with all of them. And the same games react in the same way, consistently.

      Have also tried reseating the board, despite the pins all being properly seated the first time as far as I could tell. When doing that, I did notice something (picture attached) - there's two holes in the stabilization board with no pins going through them at j10. I noticed what appears to be solder points on the back of the board that might attach to them, but no sign of there being pins on the main side. Did I lose pins in shipment? And if so, could that affect sounds in only some places?
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    • Will do. Fortunately I still have the box you used to send it back :D

      I can't really tell what happened. They're not here, I even double checked the box and my b board to see if they were anywhere... They seem to be sheared right off, but on the back of the board there's still a bit of a... Tail? I dunno what you would call it. Definitely not de soldered though.

      Well hey, hooray for figuring it out! Weird that sounds work on certain games but not others though :lol:
    • Just a followup for anyone on the fence:

      Jeremy's customer service is second to none. He always says all the praise should be directed to Pablo for coming up with the flash solutions, but he (Mitsu/Jeremy) provides amazing customer service for those of us here in the states. He got my board back to install the pins that broke off on them, installed them that day, and had it back in the mail to me the very next day. It is now back in my B-Board, working fantastically (with the 8gb Sandisk microSD I was using all along, fyi), and ready to be buttoned up as soon as I dremel away the last of that support post.

      Being that I seem to be one of the lucky ones that has next to no crackle in the sound (I tested about a dozen games with volume well over where I would usually keep it, only heard a slight crackle on one Q-Sound splash screen and no crackle whatsoever on any gameplay or intro screens), I'm happy as a clam and call my system completely finished. Only thing that I might possibly do to it at this point is add in new Team Avalaunch roms, and I bought myself a microSD extender for just such an occasion so I don't have to open it up again.

      Of course, now the hardest decision: Which sticker do I choose? :D I bought both because I couldn't decide, and I STILL can't :P

      Again, thanks to both of you, a thousand times over.