Pinned ATX Power Adapters

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    • ATX Power Adapters

      Uni-San (used by Sega in deluxe cabs) to ATX Power Adapter:-----$25

      This adapter will allow you to replace a faulty Uni-San power supply with an off-the-shelf ATX PC PSU. It may work with other power supplies but please confirm the voltage pinout of the faulty supply matches the pinout here.

      NOTE: this interfaces with existing wiring installed by factory in certain Sega cabs (ie. Initial D). It does not have JVS power connectors.

      Know compatibility:

      UNI-SAN IMP-44-1090

      I am using thicker wires and they work a lot better. All will be made like the one on the above right from now on. This shows the old and new side-by-side.