S-JIHP: Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB - Live at Retro Barcelona.

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    • I tried the Logitech wheel that Mitz mentioned in his youtube video. I am open to purchasing "any" wheel as long as it will work with an "adapter" and the S-JIHP. I am not very adept at soldering so if someone was willing (yourself?) to build an adapter for me and I can ensure to purchase the "correct" wheel to match the adapter - I would be trilled. As long as the wheel will attach to a table (bracket) as I have a cabinet that will allow for this installation; I am not picky on the wheel. I have a Logitech Red MoMo that I would like to use, but it is USB. Is there a way to convert this wheel and the USB to use with the S-JIHP? That would be ideal, however, I would consider other options if that one is not feasible. I would like to use the Logitech GT (Yellow and Black wheel) as well as I have that wheel and tried to mod for the S-JIHP but was unsuccessful. Also wanting an adapter to use with a flight stick and Afterburner Climax as I also have that flight stick and haven't been able to get it to work correctly with the S-JIHP.

      Thank you!