WIP consolize cps2

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    • WIP consolize cps2

      Hi all, I figure I'll do a wip of my consolize cps2. It will be a long process as I only have a few hours a week to work on this. Damn those kids, haha, I really do love them. Come join me on my journey won't you?

      I have never consolized anything before, so this will be a learning experience for me. It will also show people that any fool can do it haha. I say I have average soldering skill as everything I know is self tought. I will be taking cue from Undamn ccps2 build

      Parts list is as follow:
      Working Cps2 a board
      Power - old laptop brick, off the shelf dc-dc converter 5v fix and 12 adjustable (just what I had at my local electronic store)
      Control - Undamn usb encoder
      Video - Mikejmoffitt neovga (firmware update will make it compatible with the cps2)
      Power jack (2.1mm)
      On off switch
      Female vga jack
      24 awg flat cable
      Uni bit
      Jewelry saw (I will be doing most of the work at night when the wife and kids are in bed so a dermal is a no go :( )

      Day 1
      Remove audio amp and Install the dc-dc converter

      Day 2
      Install the video encoder

      Day 3
      Planning on finishing the power section, test fit the vga connector, and see if all is good

    • I got some more work done over Canadian Thanksgiving. Things are looking good so far. When I make my face plate, does anyone have any idea on how to mount those undamned encoders? I'm just using double sided tape for now as place holder.

      No scanline

      50% scan line

      100% Scanline

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