Supergun Recommendations

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    • I'm planning on making a Supergun case (for CPS3). Relevant input and switches will be panel mounted.

      PSU, haven't decided if I want internal or not, recommendations?
      SCART (RGBS), pots for video and resistor for audio inside the case itself.
      Service button

      Coin button x2
      Undamned USB Decoder x2
      JAMMA extension cable coming from inside the case, so a small circular hole for the cable itself (not the edge connector).
      CPS2 Kick harness, bundled with JAMMA cable.

      The idea is to make a slim case that matches the size of the CPS3 board's footprint with short JAMMA+Kick harness cables to the CPS3.

      I was looking for a Supergun PCB with just quick connects, but it doesn't seem like there are many of these. The Supergun ProGamer RetroelectroniK seems interesting, anyone here who's used it ?

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    • Using a Boardmaster at the moment. I like it, however can't shift the image up and down, just left and right. The speakers are horrible. Aside from those two issues, I can't really fault it. No lag whatsoever.
      Multis: CPS-2, CPS-3, F3, ST-V, MVS, M72, G-Net
      PVMs: 2043MD, 20M2MDA, 20L2MD
      Supergun: Sentinel / XRGB-mini
      PCBs: VAPS Profile

    • I've got a retroelectronik one. I've used it on the test bench with a switcher power supply. It works pretty well. Of note, I've only used it for jamma boards, however it's feature rich and should work for anything you throw at it. Most guys here recommend the HAS. For me, it came down to price vs features. Retroelectronik had the features at the price point i needed - HAS seems to be a great product, but was about $40 more expensive. That is money i could use for other things...