Strange behaviour of emulated conversions

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    • Strange behaviour of emulated conversions

      I once asked here why Dolphin Blue on Naomis, even Naomi 2, has slowdowns.
      Someone replied that even on original Atomiswave boards it slows down somewhere.

      But I discovered that if you load a dolphin blue converted rom as dercypted rom in Demul, 2 things happen:
      1) save states no longer work (can't save, can't load)
      2) no slowndowns at all

      So if someone wants to play it fullspeed like it should have been this is the only way (that I know).


      Ouch what the... I already wrote this here (Dolphin blue slowdowns). Sorry.
    • In the emulator nullDC Naomi version, Dolphin blue have slowdowns also, maybe because is an emulator it happens but nullDC Naomi is an good emulator (more light than Demul) and runs more fast the games if you have a not very fast PC.
      In fact in my point of view the Atomiswave games are more heavy than the Naomi games.
      But they are very fun!!!!!!!!


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    • Yes I know nullDC emulator but the point of my interest is that any emulator should allow you to play games exactly how they originally ran on native hardware. This is the final goal of any emu. Furthermore, many of them allow you to play a better version of the games, enhancing graphics using shaders or increasing resolution or applying filters to textures. Another function is to raise (or lower) the original CPU clock. This is especially useful for example in Mame to play metal slug titles without slowdowns.

      This said, in nullDC or Demul you can't adjust CPU clock, so it is supposed to run it at default clock rate.
      On original hardware Dolphin blue has slowdowns. On Naomi too. On Demul, when playing as atomiswave ROM, it has slowdowns too (and that's what I expected).

      Strange thing is that on Demul when loaded as Naomi decrypted ROM the slowdowns are gone.
    • Slowdowns are generally intentional, many shmups do it so you have time to get into position to avoid death or so you have time to plan your next move.

      I assume Dolphin Blue, like Metal Slug does it during particularly intensive battles again so you have time to plan your next move.

      Running it at full speed "as it should have been" in an emulator is actually going to be more difficult.

      Sounds like the decrypted ROM set you have is a bad decryption job, as it's more than likely a symptom of the decryption that the slowdowns have been removed, many games do this kind of thing as another form of protection
    • I don't know if slowdowns are intentional or not, but the thing here is that a Naomi has a SH4 @ 200Mhz...that is the limitand can only go at a certain speed. If you run it at a GHz computer you can get the speed that you want. that is crystal clear to me. As a General rule you can emulate machines at a 10% of your computer Speed, so if you have a 3Ghz computer, you'll be running it as a 300Mhz SH4, if it's multi core CPU then even faster.
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    • jkl wrote:

      I respect your opinion but it sounds very strange to me.
      On every emulator I tried if you raise emulated CPU clock slowdowns go away, that means that CPU can't do it at stock speed.

      Action intense scenes on games are often also graphically intense for the hardware...!

      Yes, but the games are written with this in mind and coded around the speed limitations, companies used the slowdowns as an advantage to add more intense scenes which then gave the user a different play style

      Cave are particularly good at it