CPS2-Multi Firmware Update Service (Germany)

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    • CPS2-Multi Firmware Update Service (Germany)

      I just bought the programmer and I'd like to offer FREE Firmware-Update-Services for anybody who can send his kit to me.
      I'm located in Cologne, Germany, so I guess this is more for the german, austrian and swiss folks here...

      Please ask for my shipping address via PM.
      When sending your pcb please include a return-label.
    • Very nice :)
      Sega New Net City : Naomi 2 Netboot tate with RPI
      Sega Naomi : Naomi 2 Netboot yoko with RPI
      Sega News Astro City : Multi CPS2 by Darksoft
      Sega Asto City : Multi STV by Darksoft
      Sega Blast City : Naomi 2 Netboot yoko with RPI
      Sega Blast City : Multi CPS3 by Darksoft
      Sega Aero City : Multi CPS1 by Aje-fr
      Sega Swing: RPI2JAMMA by Aje-fr
      Sega Rally Twin
      Sega Rally 2 Single
      Sega Daytona USA Twin
      Sega Initial D3 Single
      Sega Initial D345678/Naomi2/Lindbergh/Ringedge/F355 Single
      Namco Time Crisis 2