System 357A (Tekken 6BR) unable to boot up

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    • System 357A (Tekken 6BR) unable to boot up

      Hi everyone,

      I got System 357A mobo with Tekken 6 BR from my friend recently. We have tested it couple times (on Namco Noir's JVS cab) and it works perfectly. So the mobo is 100% working, no faulty.

      Then I bring it back to home and hooked it on my system detail as follows;

      1) Namco Noir's (Chinese OEM) cabinet rewired to JAMMA standard.
      2) Data cable connected to Capcom I/O
      3) VGA (D-sub15) connected to monitor
      4) AC 220V to System 357A
      5) DC +12V from Namco Noir's Switching to System 357A
      6) Dongle 1 USB plugged in
      7) Audio L-R cable connected to cab

      When I turn-on the cab, 357A mobo "beep" once then nothing happened (screen show "no signal" message).

      Then I changed the video out to HDMI port to see what happened. The mobo also "beep" once then the screen show PS3 menu (Yeah!) /Tekken 6 BR chosen then the screen gone dark (nothing boot up).

      I suspected that the 357A mobo incompatible with Capcom I/O since it's the only thing that different from my friend's setup.

      Anyone can affirm my assumption? If my assumption is true, what Jamma I/O compatible with System 357A? How can I get it works?

      PS. I also have System 369 (TTTU2) which can run perfectly on the same setup.

      Thanks, :)
    • Darksoft wrote:

      I believe your problem is coming from Capcom I/O 99% Sure. Those I/Os are very problematic with newer games.

      Try a Sega Jamma JVS instead.
      Could you please identify which type of SEGA Jamma JVS should be work. Since there are 3 types out there;

      - 838-13683-93 Rev B.
      - 838-13683-02 Rev A.
      - 610-0598 Ver.2 (comes with black metal box)


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    • I believe the first 2 should work, not the 3rd one, but I don't have any of these I/Os, only 837-14505 and 837-14572 which I know that work ( but they are not JAMMA ), so I can't tell for sure. Maybe someone else here can.
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