Sega Control Panel - Parts list

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    • Sega Control Panel - Parts list


      I feel like I have look everywhere for the parts needed to wire a Sega control panel. Most people explain about the wiring and mention "Loom" but never mention the part number or where to buy them from?

      I am trying to create a fight cabinet with my Net City cabinet. I have the panel, joysticks and buttons. But I need to build the wiring, quick disconnects, AMP Type B molexs. I understand that you are required to use this AMP Type B connectors and pins. However, what are the parts numbers and where can I purchase these from? I really would appreciate some insight on finishing my first Japanese style cabinet. There link only shows the pin outs but doesn't appear to provide part numbers LINK.

      Thanks in advance,
      Thanks and GGs in advance,

      Ricardo G.

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