JNX Rage - JAMMA Adapter for Primal Rage

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    • ThankMeNever wrote:

      Cool I'll definitely hit you up because I like the neatness of your wiring, I got in my other one I ordered prior in. Another question I have is if anyone else when you play your game does it sound loud or is it eh mine is eh it's definitely not as loud as my other games when I play it and I have the volume cranked up as high as it will go on my blast city and I have the volume on max in the settings.
      Could be a few things affecting volume. A few things would be recap, wiring gauge (if over 6 feet long), impedance of speakers, bad volume pot.
    • XianXi wrote:

      The JNX Rage is a JAMMA adapter for the Primal Rage Arcade board.

      Pictured is v1.0.

      -Supports Negatron to add -5v
      -Test Switch moveable via jumper (MVS or JAMMA)
      -Supports Mono/stereo sound, selectable via Jumper

      Coming in v1.1

      -CPS1 and CPS2 Kick harness Support to keep proper button layout.

      Hi Xianxi,
      Are you still making Jamma adapter for primal rage pcb? I'm interested in getting one. Does it allow you to connect with either audio rca cable or Jamma harness for audio?