Hello Ya'all from the south (USA)

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    • Hello Ya'all from the south (USA)

      I wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am Dreygor from Savannah, GA (US of A).

      I have been a long time member of the gaming and emulation community. Normally hanging out with the folks at HyperSpin and CoinOps community. Recently I started getting more into actual arcade machines.

      My normal choice of games usually fall within the Tekken fighting series from Namco. I physical own PCBs for Tekken 1-3, Soul Calibur 1, Ehrgeiz, Tekken 5 DR (Namco System 256 - broken currently) and Soul Calibur 2 (Namco System 246). I have a TMNT Cabinet converted to Tekken Tag Tournament. I also have tons of modded console systems and I have an arcade control panel that has a PC running HyperSpin on a flat panel TV.

      Growing up my favorite arcade games were Burgertime, Moon Patrol, Dig Dug, 1943, and Smash TV.

      Currently only looking for a Soul Edge Ver 2 PCB .. but first I need to fix my Namco System 256 .. which Defor is helping me with :D
      -My Stuff-
      Capcom Big Blue (Gen 2) (Capcom HyperSpin)
      Namco cab (Namco System 246)
      Atomiswave (Ranger Mission)
      Atomiswave (Naomi 2 Multi)
      Area 51 (Dedicated)
      Sega Blast City
      NASCAR twin sitdowns (Xbox 360)
      Chewlix x2 *waiting on delivery*

      Area 51 (SharpShooter) *In progress*
      Korean Crowin 302 (empty) * who needs some parts?*
      Sega Showcase cab *Might sell soon*