Sega Astro City color problem with Atomiswave mobo?

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    • Sega Astro City color problem with Atomiswave mobo?

      I got an Atomiswave about a month ago and it'll work fine with my Supergun on an LCD in both 15khz and 32khz resolutions.
      However, I'm having picture problems with it when I try to hook it up to my Sega Astro City (Nanao MS8-29FSG monitor) running in 15khz mode.
      Atomiswave dip switch settings: Dip 1 OFF / Dip 2 OFF.

      Does the Sega Astro City have a switchable termination that allows it to go from 75ohm to 1kohm? It was suggested I look for that, but I'm not sure what exactly that would be on the chassis (Nanao MS8-29FSG).

      Here's the washed out image of what the Atomiswave shows on my Sega Astro City cab:

      If I hook my MVS up to my Sega Astro City cab (or any other Jamma boards), then the picture is perfect. So I'd hate to have to go messing with the flyback's brightness or other colors just to play the Atomiswave.
      [Fyi, if I use the Naomi to netboot any Atomiswave conversion (hooked up to my Astro City), the colors look just fine.]

      For reference, here is what the Atomiswave looks like on an LCD via my Supergun:


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    • The Atomiswave pcb doesn't play well with my monitor either. Every pcb may be a bit different so it is possible you will need to tweak it a bit. Looks like brightness and/or contrast will do the trick.

      Remember, cabs were not meant to have the games changed very often so it's not a problem a lot of people would have had to deal with after they tuned it in.
    • Mr T Guru wrote:

      I'd say the sub-color pots on the neck board need adjusting. but it would be a pain to do it each time.
      If there's too much color you could cut it back slightly by adding some 5k pots to the Atomiswave RGB outputs. tweak it then leave it alone. that way it's PCB specific and the monitor can stay as-is.
      Yes, tweaking the sub-color posts (and flyback's brightness) are definitely a huuuge pain in the butt. I managed to get them basically perfect using the Konami GX PCB's color bars as a guide. That helped make all the other boards work really well (with only some slight contrast or screen position tweaking needed here and there). But this Atomiswave... gah.

      I'll definitely have to try the 5k pots trick you're suggesting as I do have pots on video outs for the Supergun I made (since I run most of my PCBs on that through a XRGB-Mini. So yes, I'll try that once I have a free afternoon to do some soldiering/building. ^^

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