PS3 CECHE01 Shuts down with red blinking light

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    • PS3 CECHE01 Shuts down with red blinking light

      I recently acquired a Playstation 3 CECHE01 (1st gen 80gb, 1/2 BC, 3.55FW) console. It will stay on for anything from a few minutes to an hour when idle, considerably less when running any kind of software. After a while it will shut down, beep and display a red blinking light that will usually not stop blinking unless the back power switch is switched or the console is unplugged.

      Things I have tried: (without any change)

      Unplugged Blu-Ray drive, since some people said bad bd-rom drive board could cause this
      Removed HDD, As some people said the Hard Drive being bad could cause this too
      Redid the thermal paste, tightening the screws on the heatsinks as much as I could, they were semi stripped

      I have observed that the fan on the system is very quiet, My CECHA01 launch console is very loud as far as fans go, and the CECHE01 fan is almost quieter then a ps2. Could somehow the fan in this 80gb ps3 be bad causing the system to overheat? Could there be anything else that could cause this problem?
    • gamemaster14 wrote:

      I thought that Yellow Light of Death (or any light of death) was always when the system never booted at all and went directly to the yellow light error code? Is that true?

      From my own experience with a MGS4 Version of the Fat PS3, the blu-ray drive died first (and I replaced it), then it Yellow Lighted about a year or two later, and I hot aired the motherboard and got my data off the hard drive, then it red lighted shortly thereafter. It's all likely linked to the bad soldier that Sony used to put the CPU/GPU chips on the board. It's not really something you can fix on your probably have to send it off to have someone reball it.