Mitsurugi-w's Review of the USB Host Controller for 3DO FZ-1

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    • I just got mine today, an internal FZ-1 usb host.

      Am I wrong in thinking that once the PCB is installed there is a no way to mount the cd drive?

      Why would anyone want a gaping hole in their console or have a loose pcb if you dont screw it in?

      I feel like I'm missing something, anyway I managed to fit them both in with some modifications, with a few small adjustments to the pcb design it would easily fit underneath the cd drive where the original PCB was located.

      I'll upload some pictures tomorrow so you can get a better idea.
    • Sorry it took so long to reply, heres the image.

      In the red there is a plastic mounting tab, you must clip them off. (only the 2 furthest from the front of the console)
      In the orange there is a white plastic slider that is directly in front of the usb port? Clip it off.
      In the green I removed the crystal and put in on the underside, alternatively you could clip plastic on the other side and leave it.

      All three of these could have been avoided if the creator thought this through?

      Does anyone recommend a USB stick, I just bought a 128gb Sandisk Ultra Flair and its incompatible. :(.