Pinned Welcome to the Arcade-Projects Forums!!!

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    • Welcome to the Arcade-Projects Forums!!!

      Welcome to our new forums!!! We hope we can be your new home for arcade news, information, and conversation!

      In this part of the forums you will find forum news, announcements, and you can introduce yourself to the masses and welcome new members. In other parts of the forums you will find Tech Support, Discussion, and personal sections devoted to Darksoft and I as well as some of our friends who have been very good to us and the arcade community over the years. These personal sections are a great place to get directly in contact with one of us. In the personal sections you will also find information about projects that we personally are working on or products that you can buy directly from us!

      You can also use our sales forums to sell any arcade goods you may want. Please read over all of the Sales Forum Rules before posting items or buying anything. If you do not agree with the rules then please do not buy or sell in these forums.

      If you have any suggestions for the forums, please post them in the Suggestions section of these forums. We will try our best to make this a great place to visit!

      Thank you for joining us here!

      Jeremy aka Mitsurugi-w