Still early enough in my supergun build to take suggestions!

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    • Still early enough in my supergun build to take suggestions!

      I've got a Neo-Geo MV-1 that's in need of a supergun and an MV-1FZ that needs repair and, if successful, consolization. As a result, I don't have a problem ordering extra hardware for my supergun. NeoBitz? JROK? Why not BOTH with an OSSC (Open Source Scan Converter? ;)

      If I build it like a troubleshooting testbench then it will likely come in handy for a lot more. Suspect a PSU issue? Plug in another. Can't get the video to sync? Switch encoders. Want to connect a SEGA Genesis model 1 with S-Video? Grab some RGB cables.

      It'll be my little XRGB Mini substitute where I'll toss on whatever RGB console I'm currently playing. :)

      Anyway, I haven't ordered any of the important stuff yet: just DIN connectors, controller connectors, joysticks, etc. The PSU in my video isn't really going to be appropriate (5v 2A only). I'm very much open to suggestions for these things. I have ten connections running from the bottom shelf through the frame to the protruding buttons and switches on the top shelf. I can easily replace the LEDs with switches air whatever to make use of that, but it's really not enough real estate for RGB potentiometers and such.

      I know that I want component and S-Video encoders. If I can fix the MV-1FZ I'll want to consolize it ("cMVS") so I'm not opposed to ordering both a NeoBitz and a JROK encoder since the less desireable one will go into the cMVS. I may even order that VGA one from China if it will let me sync the weird games like NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat. If the OSSC can handle their odd refresh rates and save me the trouble of connecting to a VGA monitor, even better! The OSSC does support RGBHV (VGA). I'm not holding out much hope for that though, since it reportedly even has trouble with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

      The platform itself says it holds 100lbs, which is overkill for an arcade board, but I can see myself dropping a large SVGA monitor on it from time to time.

      In case it's not obvious, this is made from a laptop dock. :D

      Any suggestions before I go deeper? Thanks!