Pinned Released: Arabian Fight (All regions)

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    • Released: Arabian Fight (All regions)

      This one needs testing. I have no spare rom board. Anybody with a dead Arabian Fight boardset?

      Replace epr-14609.ic8 with the attached rom, and you should be able to play w/o the FD1149.

      - Wakeup check patched to ROM 0x10011B instead of shared ram
      - Reads from shared ram intact (0xa00000 area)
      - Compare action changed to compare R0 with R0 instead of R0 with R1. Lol. (as R0 holds the value we want lol..)

      JAPAN: EPR-14597 (click here to download.)
      USA: EPR-14608 (click here to download.)
      EXPORT: EPR-14609 (click here to download.)

      Edit: All regions done now.
      If you want to support me, sign up for Dropbox by using This gets you and me an extra 500MB for hosting roms, or other arcade related files :)

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    • Sorry the dumb question, i have here a spare "Spiderman the videogame" board, can i convert it to a Arabian Fight game ?


      I thought it was only necessary change jumpers and eproms in the rom board, something totally reversible.

      You hurt my feelings :(
      Fan of old arcade ;)
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