Pinned Released: Arabian Fight (All regions)

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    • Released: Arabian Fight (All regions)

      This one needs testing. I have no spare rom board. Anybody with a dead Arabian Fight boardset?

      Replace epr-14609.ic8 with the attached rom, and you should be able to play w/o the FD1149.

      - Wakeup check patched to ROM 0x10011B instead of shared ram
      - Reads from shared ram intact (0xa00000 area)
      - Compare action changed to compare R0 with R0 instead of R0 with R1. Lol. (as R0 holds the value we want lol..)

      JAPAN: EPR-14597 (click here to download.)
      USA: EPR-14608 (click here to download.)
      EXPORT: EPR-14609 (click here to download.)

      Edit: All regions done now.

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    • Sorry the dumb question, i have here a spare "Spiderman the videogame" board, can i convert it to a Arabian Fight game ?


      I thought it was only necessary change jumpers and eproms in the rom board, something totally reversible.

      You hurt my feelings :(
      Fan of old arcade ;)
      My arcade game room: Ok Baby H, Ok Baby V, KI2, Sega Spiderman 4P, Area 51, Cruis'n World, Super Neo 29" Type2, HOTD2, Dodge Viper Pinball and 32" multigames.

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