Almost: Dark Edge

    • Almost: Dark Edge

      This is not finished, but at least should enable 1 player battles.
      I really don't like this attempt at 3d fighting by Sega, but the pcb probably teh rarez assuming it got limited distribution lol..

      There's a more elaborate protection in this one, where Sega shoots themselves in the foot as they could collect from the 2P coin chute.
      Yes, player 2 start will break the game horribly. (wtf sega..)

      Protection is like two dead man's switches. the game depends on the fd1149 to set them to zero. One allows for the game to work and change scenes.
      The other fixes the sprites height level to be ok.
      Otherwise the sprites sink into the ground (xx pixels, based on the value.) With the value at 00, the sprites are on the correct height. No other calculation takes place.
      The only one not fixed at this point is the 2P countdown value thing. Game depends on fd1149 to decrease a counter in ram to 00 with steps of -0x01
      If i patch this out, the 2P selection is instant, no choosing :)

      Anyway, burn this into IC8 and test plox..

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