Blast City wiring

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    • Blast City wiring

      I just bought a Sega Blast City and it was configured to play Pandora wasn't wired very properly as the second player isn't fully set up and the first player wires aren't connected to the proper buttons. I want to set this cab to play my CPS2 boards. So I'd rather just buy all new wiring set up so I can figure it it myself, hopefully looking for wired setups already put together. I don't know anything about crimping etc. if anybody knows where I might be able to buy these the info would be much appreciated. So I believe I need a 1p & 2p wiring harness, a cps2 kick harness, and extra button looms. Feel free to add on if I'm missing anything I'm including pictures of how it's setup as of yesterday when I bought it.…1st%20Sega%20Blast%20City
    • This is where I got my extra button loom from: 600-6227-10 [Extra Button Loom for Astro/Blast and Naomi]

      Here's a nice wiring guide from Arcade Otaku.

      And here's a CPS2 kickharness on ebay.
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    • XeD wrote:

      That kick harness only have enough for player 1. He will need a new kick harness or pin the one he has for player 2. Another option is to just get a cps2 kick harness and route it through the hole next to the power switch.
      I just bought a cps2 kick harness from windygames and a official extra button looms as well as a 1p and 2p harnesses from AGS, a blast city cp from eBay and about to order new buttons and ball tops and maybe new joysticks is the movement supposed to be so loose on the Sanwa joysticks they definitely feel different then American happ bat tops they definitely have more resistance. I also want to do a Naomi in here to if it's possible at least until I can get another cab but I don't have anything Naomi to start with but hope to start acquiring as I'm going through this restoration of this cab
    • ThankMeNever wrote:

      is the movement supposed to be so loose on the Sanwa joysticks
      Joystick feel is relative but yeah the Sanwa sticks are a lot "lighter" than Happ stuff. you can order heavier springs for the Sanwas I did on mine and it definitely improved the feel for me. You can also get oversized actuators to shorten the throw and other modifications:…ssories/performance-mods/

      ThankMeNever wrote:

      I also want to do a Naomi in here to if it's possible at least until I can get another cab
      NAOMI with a Net-Boot setup is a phenominal system with tons of great games. it is a JVS board as opposed to JAMMA so wiring it up isn't as straight forward.

      Considering you're going CPS2, getting yourself a Capcom I/O board for the NAOMI would be best as that would allow you to plug right into the JAMMA harness and CPS2 connector. I believe the harness you've got in your blast has the necessary JVS Power connectors on it too, which you'll need.

      You can route the Audio through the JAMMA harness but you'll likely get better sound if you plug in to the RCA stereo connectors directly and use the Blast's on-board stereo amp.

      Another option would be the Sega JVS to JAMMA I/O this would also allow you to plug into the JAMMA harness but the kick connector would be different. These tend to be a lot cheaper than the Capcom I/Os though.

      The final option would be to get a JVS harness for your cab and a Sega Type 1 or type 3 JVS I/O or similar... This is how they would have wired the cab in an arcade environemnt for NAOMI but you'll have to swap out the harness every time you switch back to JAMMA so it's not really ideal IMO. If you were going to use mostly JVS system like NAOMI, System 256 and Type X, then this would be a good option, but where you're going to have mostly JAMMA then something like the Capcom I/O will be ideal.
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    • I approve this message above. I did rewired my whole netcity. Built my own looms and also ran a Capcom IO board for Naomi. It is a great feeling to know that your candy is ready for any board. Especially them fighters. Enjoy friends.
      Thanks and GGs in advance,

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    • Hello. I’m kinda in the same boat. I got two control harnesses and a kick harness, enough for two players. I’m not getting any of my kicks to work. When I go to test my buttons in the IO test menu, it shows that my sixth button is pressed down. I got a Pandora’s box 6 hooked up.

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