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    • Forums General Rules General Forum Rules (amended 1/26/17)

      1) Do not Spam. (Overly repeated questions, outgoing links etc.)

      2) Do not post anything considered to be illegal, inappropriate or questionable as such.

      3) Only one account per member.

      4) Do not post personal information of others.

      5) Treat others with respect. (As you would like to be treated.)

      6) Although we do our best to keep things under control, the users are the only ones that can be held responsible for what they post. If you think that some content is offensive or should be removed, please let a Mod know.

      7) Every user must identify their general location (at least) in their profile. It can be as specific as your city or as general as your continent. This helps us serve each other better.

      All posts and content are subject to review by the Admin/Mods. By requesting membership, you are agreeing to these rules.