Vote on the Name of the Cartridge

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    • Vote on the Name of the Cartridge

      What's your favourite name for the cartridge? 40
        Darksoft's NeoDDR (10) 25%
        Darksoft Multi (MVS) and Darksoft Multi (AES) (33) 83%
        Darksoft's NeoFPGA (6) 15%
      Here's the complete list of submissions.

      I added a poll for every entry that got a like from @Darksoft.
      Since Pablo is the head here, I'd say he shall include any name that he likes to the poll.
      The poll-software can handle up to 20 entries and I don't want to be the one to make any final decisions.

      Darksoft's UPDATE:

      Sorry guys I didn't pay more attention to this poll. I've added 2 more options which are the ones that I had in mind and I've removed the one with less votes. You have 4 to choose now.

      NEW DEADLINE: Poll ends Apr 27 2017 12:00am

      Darksoft NEO, New World, New World Order, Brave New World, Nuevo Mundo, Neo World, New Neo, Circumnavigator, darkneoram, neoram, darkflash neo, flashneo, darkring to rule them all, Neo Omni, Neo Geo Omnibus, Neo Animus, Neo Drive, NEO-DARKROM, Neo FreeSlot, Neo Freo, NeoDS, DS-NG-SD, Neo Multi, multiDS, Neo multiDS, manyNeo, mostNeo, Darksoft multiNeo, NeoG-Multi, NeoG X4, Neo•Neo•Geo, Neo2•Geo, MMVS, InstaGEO InstaDS InstaNeedInstaGEO InstaDS InstaNeed, NG Power, DarkNeo, DarkNeosoft, NeoDarkSoft, Neo DarkDrive, Monolith Neo, Dark Monolith, Neo Flash, Neo Flash SD, Darksoft NeoDDR, Darksoft NeoFPGA, Darksoft 9000, Dark 9000, Darksoft Neo Flash, Darksoft MVS Flash, Darksoft Omni MVS, Darksoft Neo MVS, Darksoft Neo Pro-Gear or Pro-Gear Spec, Darksoft Mega Shock, Darksoft Neo Max, Darksoft Pro-Gear FPGA, Darksoft NEO4X, Darksoft MVS4X, the "DarksoftRulzDemAll-Neo-Geo-Multi" cart, NGSD, NGM (Neo Geo Multi), NGMC (Neo Geo Multi Cart), NGMS (Neo Geo Max Spec), NG/Neo/Neo Geo Maxx/Maxx Spec, Salt Bae presents Neo Geo, I Can't Believe It's Not NeoSD, SD-MVS, SD-AES, Darksoft Neo Mvs, Darksoft Neo Aes, alpha and omega, Darksoft Multi-MVS, Darksoft Multi-AES, dmm, dma, derik, Darksoft NeoDrive, Darksoft NeoFlash, NeoPod, NeoArc^2 (AKA NeoArc Squared AKA Neo Arcade Archive), NeoJuke / GeoJuke SD, NG Bookshelf, Neo Ref Pro (Reference Professional), Kitchen SiNK, Neo Game SyNK, NeoTMG (Too Many Games), NeoCARD (Cartridge Archive Repository Device; CPU Addressible ROM Dumps; etc), Darksoft Neo Pro, Darksoft Neo Edge, Darksoft Neo Max, Darksoft Neo Turbo, Darksoft Neo Titan, Darksoft Neo Supercharger, Darksoft Neo Triumph, Darksoft G-Kon, MVS DMC, NeoGeo Flash-Drive, NeoGeo Drive, DS NeoGeo Drive, DS NeoGeo Multi, NeoGeo Multi, NeoGeo Multi Drive, NeoAlpha, NeoDream, NeoPower, NeoFury, NeoFlash, NeoBlade, NeoByte, NeoSlug, NeoStar, NeoSidekick, NeoStrike, NeoSource, NeoCharge, NeoStack, NeoVoid, Darksoft 272 Mega Shock

      Also I will move all posts from the Inlay/Sticker-thread to this one here for better overview of the different topics.

      April, 14th 2017 - 2:00 p.m.:

      Sorry, I messed up the settings, had to revert the site from a backup resulting in loss of poll-data
      Please feel free to vote again on all polls on
    • I'd like to share some thoughts and have some questions...

      The word *multi* is widely over-used in my opinion – that's why I asked @Darksoft if I may take the time and find a new name for the product...
      I went through ancient greek dictionaries, because the name NEO GEO is also a classic greek word.
      I tried different translations of words that I associated with the cartridge, the system and what it stands for.
      These are my findings:
      • Exhibition: phantasia
      • Playfield/Battlefield: agros
      • Collection: omilia
      • Land/World: geo
      • New: neo
      • Town/City: polis
      • Memory: mneme
      • Star: astron
      • Dark: zophos
      • Friends: tagma
      Neither of these words create a feeling that would arise the product name to a certain level, so I ditched the idea...

      I then just named my mockup what it it - THE NEW WORLD (as the direkt translation of NEO GEO),
      making it strong in matters of marketing as it suggests unlimited new possibilities for the holder of the cart.

      I really don't want to use ANY character-artwork that is related to a game or series like KOF, Fatal Fury or whatever –
      the initial mockup I showed here a while ago had the G-Mantle/Rental Flag design, as G-Mantle is like an official representative of the NEO GEO...
      I still like the G-Mantle thing, but let's take a look at what we will need:
      • MVS Sticker
      • MVS Shockbox Insert
      • AES Softcase Insert
      • AES Snapcase Insert
      • Custom AES Case Insert @Capozhwm
      • Custom AES Sticker @Capozhwm
      • AES Sticker
      And (to make each and every one of you happy) both USA and JAP variants of these!
      I'm a huge fan of artwork that blends seemlessly into any existing collection, so expect the artwork to be a perfect reproduction of what is widely used in retail releases.

      Questions to @Capozhwm:

      I'm not up-to-date regarding the custom carts, boxes etc.
      Can you provide some info on these? Artwork-dimensions, spine-sizes, maybe photos of the final thing?
      What's the concept for these - will there be 2 variants for AES and MVS or will it be the same for both?

      About a theme/character/mascot...

      There is something in my assets, that represents the NEO GEO on the same level as G-Mantle, because it widely used in every manual ;)
      I made a vector of it and came up with an idea of how the presentation could look like...

      Gentlemen, I present to you -
      the first mockup of what the NEW WORLD is probably going to look like.

      If you imagined the artwork on your insert it would work for any variant, full-background or framed as in the US-style inserts..

      Let me know what you think.
    • This was my suggestion for a name: Circumnavigator

      Since Neo-Geo essentially means New World, a term that came about during the age of exploration, I figured another term from that age may fit. Circumnavigation is making a complete trip around the world. And this device allows you to travel all around the NEO-GEO by playing any game possible.

      What do you guys think?
    • @Eurotimmy
      Maybe a bit too strong...
      Also, since Wolfeinstein is not going to happen on Neo Geo it is not related to any context...

      First thing that pops into my mind when reading CIRCUMNAVIGATION is circumcision ;)
      Also it sounds more like a feature rather than a product name.
    • Alex wrote:

      I'm just making suggestions, no harm.
      Of course I'd add your names to the poll.
      It's cool. I'm just frustrated that NeoSD still has the best/most simple name so far, which gives it a big edge in their marketing. "NeoSD" conveys what it is and what it's for in one word. Many flash carts have similar names.

      Here are names given to similar devices for reference, in case they help people brainstorm:
      EverDrive Series
      Flash Boy Plus
      NeoGeo Pocket Flash SD
      Atari Lynx SD Cart
      Jag SD
      NeoMyth / NeoFlash
      VecFlash / VecMulti
      Atarimax Ultimate SD series
      EZFlash series
      SuperCard Mini SD
      Darksoft Multi carts
      Atari Harmony/Concerto
      FlashBoy Plus
      Fairchild Multi Cart
      USB Host Series
      Rhea / Pheobe

      On different note; I saw a documentary about Hypercars (the emerging $1million+ Supercar market) recently and I kept thinking of the Darksoft kit being positioned like a Hypercar compared to the low-end competition. There is probably some wisdom to be gained from exploring how ultra-luxury products are marketed. Just throwing ideas out in case anything sticks for someone.

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