Pinned STV Roll-Up Pack: All roms for the Darksoft STV Multi Kit

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    • STV Roll-Up Pack: All roms for the Darksoft STV Multi Kit

      What is the STV Roll-Up Pack?
      The STV Roll-Up Pack List is a documentation of roms that can be placed on an SD card for a complete STV kit setup that's ready to use. It includes every game compatible with the Darksoft STV Multi, so you don’t have to scour the forums to find anything. I'll update my lists whenever new content is available.

      How to Use
      Format a microSD card to FAT32 using Windows, not Mac or Linux.
      Extract the pack to it using 7-Zip, maintaining the folder structure. If your card is the I: drive for example, the layout must be exactly I:\games\game_XX\

      Sound Files
      If you’ve connected the audio wire, your multi will play an audio file when starting and completing a game load. I have included a set of audio files that you can choose from. To use them, make copies of your favorite sound clips and rename them to “START.wav” and “end.wav”. If you want to add your own clips, make sure they are in the correct format.

      STV Accessories
      LCD Game Selector by stt1, with updates by miisalo
      3D Printed ST-V Multicart Enclosure – by twistedsymphony at
      3D Printed LCD Game Selector Housing – by twistedsymphony at

      STV Roll-Up Pack
      Every game playable on the kit
      All fixed/updated roms released on the forum
      Collection of loading sounds
      Latest LCD Selector Code
      Fits on a 2GB Card

      Download (here)
      Please note that I am not sharing these files. I only create SMDB text descriptions of ROM organizations through a Github Research Project.

      Folder Layout
      --LCD Game Selector*
      ----All Games List**
      ----Joystick Controls Only***

      *Must be installed to LCD Selector manually
      **LCD code with all games listed
      ***LCD code with joystick control games only (no mahjong, print club, etc)

      2019-09-13 - Fixed LCD game selector list, thanks Jose Cruz! I rebuilt the "Joystick Controls Only" LCD list using his as the source.

      2019-01-01 - Added Guardian Force De-Lag Patch - Thanks trap15 & sammargh!
      2017-05-06 - Fixed LCD selector menu files – Thanks sk8er000!
      Beta 2 - Added name.txt files for 43-49, 51, 52, 60, 61. These are just for reference and do not affect the LCD selector.
      - Updated documentation: Added Game Selector Manual and an Updated Game List Spreadsheet
      - Added several custom WAVs that I made for use as loading sounds
      - Modified the game selector’s code to include all current releases. This is provided but must be updated manually.
      - Included a version of the LCD Selector code with joystick games only, since most of us don’t own the special controls like mahjong control panels, print cards, etc.
      Beta 1 - Initial release

      Game List
      #NameROMSETDIP ConfigCabinetNotes
      1Astra Super Starsastrasss1000002PV2
      2Baku Baku Animalbakubaku0100002P
      3Batman Foreverbatman1100002PNo Sound
      4Columns 97colmns970010002P
      5Cotton 2cotton21010002P
      6Cotton Boomerangcottonbm0110002P
      7Danchi de Hanafudadanchih1110002P
      9Die Hard Arcadediehard1001002P
      10Touryuu Densetsu Elan Doreéelandore0101002PV1
      11Final Fight Revengeffreveng1101002PV4
      12Funky Head Boxersfhboxers0011001P
      13Zenkoku Seifuko Bishojo Grand-Prix: Find Lovefindlove1011001P
      14Final Archfinlarch0111002P
      15Golden Axe: The Duelgaxeduel1111002P
      16Guardian Force De-Lag*grdforce0000102P
      17Groove On Fightgroovef1000102P
      18Hanagumi Taisen Columns: Sakura Warshanagumi0100102P
      19Karaoke Quiz Intro Don Don!introdon1100102P
      20Pro Mahjong Kiwame Skiwames0010101P (Settings)
      21Maru-Chan de Goo!maruchan1010102P
      22Mausuke no Ojama the Worldmausuke0110102P
      23My Fair Lady: Virtual Mahjong IImyfairld1110101P
      24Othello Shiryouyoothellos0001102P
      25Pebble Beach Golf Links: The Great Shotpblbeach1001102P
      26Princess Kurara Daisakusenprikura0101102P
      27Puyo Puyo Sunpuyosun1101102P
      28Radiant Silvergunrsgun0011102P
      29Sando-R: Puzzle & Actionsandor1011102P
      30Sea Bass Fishingseabass0111101P
      31Shanghai: The Great Wallshanhigw1111102P
      34Steep Slope Sliderssss0100011P
      36Tecmo World Cup ‘98twcup980010012PV5
      37Virtua Fighter Kidsvfkids1010012P
      38Virtua Fighter Remixvfremix0110012P
      39Winter Heatwinterht1110012P
      40Zen Nippon Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtuaznpwfv0001012PJP Only
      41Ejihon Tantei Jimusyoejihon1001012P
      42DaeJeon! SanJeonSuJeonsasissu0101012P
      43Critter Crushercritcrsh1101011P
      44Magical Zunou Powermagzun0011013P
      45Microman Battle Chargemicrombc1011011P
      46Name Clubnclubv30111011P
      47Print Club 2pclub21111011P
      48Print Club 2 Vol.3pclub2v30000111P
      49Print Club Pokemon Bpclubpok1000111P
      50Stress Bustersstress0100112P
      51Technical Bowlingtechbowl1100111P
      52Virtual Mahjongvmahjong0010111P
      60Dyanmite Dekadnmtdeka0011112P
      61Super Major Leaguesmleague1011112P

      *Delete file.13 to undo De-Lag Patch

      The most common kit problem is SD card incompatibility. Test multiple cards before reporting problems. Format only as described above, every time you update your pack, before copying new files to it. "No SD Card Detected" probably means you didn't create a \games folder. It can also mean that your SD card isn't compatible or needs to be formatted correctly.[/spoiler]
      Staff Roll
      A huge thank-you to everyone supporting ST-V:
      Mitsurigi-w “Mitsu”
      stt1 and miisalo
      Arcade-Projects forum members!

      An extra special thank-you to the incredible members who put together a drive and pitched in to buy me an ST-V Multicart: Derick2k and jassin000 especially! Thank you to ekorz and jepjepjep as well! Without all of their generosity, this pack probably wouldn’t have materialized.

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    • Does this also include everything for the lcd selector?
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    • nio wrote:

      Does this also include everything for the lcd selector?
      Are there extra files I need to include for that? If so, I'll get them added. I assume that it relies on the name.txt files for the display? If so, does it have the same character limit as the CPS2? Also, can I put spaces in the filenames? I will make fixing/organizing the name-files my next goal.

      It looks like I need to add name files for: 43-49, 51, 52, 60, 61. Once I get an answer to the above questions, I'll start work on perfecting the names.

      Update: Game names are stored in the LCD Selector's code, so these should all be working perfectly.

      Update 2: I'm playing with some boot jingles and found a robot voice generator. Hence:

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    • SmokeMonster wrote:

      Update 2: I'm playing with some boot jingles and found a robot voice generator. Hence:
      LOl, love it. I think a few more tweaks and you will get it perfect :thumbsup:

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    • brentradio wrote:

      I would really like to have a nice "Sega" sound file.

      The one with what sounds like a female saying "SAYYY-Gaaa"

      Maybe you could add a folder with several sound files that the user can select from and add them on there own.
      Puyo Puyo Tetris has a pretty cool clip of a female saying "Sega" at bootup. The English and Japanese releases are a little different. Check them out at the beginning of these two clips.


    • brentradio wrote:

      I would really like to have a nice "Sega" sound file.

      The one with what sounds like a female saying "SAYYY-Gaaa"

      Maybe you could add a folder with several sound files that the user can select from and add them on there own.
      Mitsu already has the traditional Sega voice in there, from the Genesis. I'm putting together a big collection of Sounds for the next update. I've got some cool stuff and will take any requests. I'll add those female Sega voices from Puyo Puyo today.

      It looks like I need to update the game selector code with the latest games. I'll go through and do that and send it along to miisalo. I'll add that to the Documentation folder in the pack too.

      Update: I only had to add Dynamite Deka and Super Major League to the selector code. I've sent that along to missalo.

      I'm trying to decide if this is an improvement? :D

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    • SmokeMonster wrote:

      What are the exact specifications to use for WAVs -- 16 or 32-bit, etc? I have a huge Sound pack going in to the next update.
      you got all the info here on the first post: How to convert music to be played with the STV Cart (start and stop sounds)
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    • Darksoft wrote:

      Nice ! Thanks a lot.
      I'm fairly certain the answer is NO but is there any chance that audio will ever be working for Batman Forever on the Multi?
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    • Like the original, no.

      I guess that one could use the extra space left to locate the extra music. If it doesn't fit, it could be downsampled. In both cases you need to modify the code to playback music from a different location. It's a nice long hack. If anyone wants to give a go, I'll be glad to help :)
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