Virtua Racing filter board

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    • Virtua Racing filter board

      Hi all,

      I'm looking for Virtua Racing main filter board, or if can someone map the pins on the main board that are connected to the filter board to their ending on the filter board, I'll be able to wire directly to it.
      Here is a picture of the port on the main board:

      Thanks all in advanced
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      5V5V5VGNDIO CN4 5IO CN4 6IO CN4 2IO CN4 15V5V

      Looking into the connector on the back it's wired like this - the filter board is actually just a breakout board for the weird looking connector (that's still available on Digi-Key)

      The main board only needs 5V and GND
      Also run the TX and RX lines need to be connected to the corresponding lines on CN4 on the I/O Board or you get a blue screen
      I/O board also needs 5V and GND on CN3

      You also need to connect the separate video connector on the main board to a 24kHz compatible display

      The schematics are actually pretty clear - it's a little hard to follow at first but once you get used to it it makes sense.

      I hope this helps the next person in the future!


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